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Bowls was launched in Taupo with the establishment of the Taupo Bowling Club in 1952.
The current site on Ferry Road was leased from the Taupo District Council for the installation of newly established natural greens with the clubrooms constructed adjacent to the southern side of the green. Today with the expansion of the club those clubrooms serve as the implement shed, store room, toilet and wash room. In those early days some car parking was available at the both the eastern and western extremity of the grounds.
The wide interest and the growth for the sport meant the single green soon became three greens. A second natural green was developed directly to the west of the first green and a third (known as the ladies green) with a pavilion and storage was installed in an area of ground adjacent to the current Taupo Museum. An artificial green replaced the original natural green in 2008 and this was officially opened in October that year.
In the early 1970s a modern and impressive Lockwood building was constructed complete with a sealed car park which became an impressive updated club rooms for the Taupo Bowling Club. Over the years changes have been made within the building such as match rooms, locker rooms, committee rooms, dance floor, toilets, kitchen & bar.
This facility today occupying a prime site with panoramic views of mountain and lake, serves as the home of the Taupo Bowling Club but also hosts many community service clubs and in addition is utilised by the public & clubs for their many social events.
The artificial green is due to be updated in October 2022 with the very latest in artificial surfaces. Greens, surrounds and club room facilities are constantly maintained, keeping the complex fresh, up-to-date and aesthetically impressive, a great place to play and indeed watch lawn bowls.
Guest bowlers, supporters & spectators are always very welcome in the pleasant surroundings of this community club. The Club operates 52 week’s of the year with Club days on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday each week.