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Club Captain’s Newsletter | November 2023

It was sad news that we received last week about the passing of Allan Hodges. He was one of our life members and even though he was not playing anymore he was still there watching and encouraging players and helping where he could. He will be sadly missed.

Thursday Open and Coaching days are going very well, with a good number of people turning up each week. Thanks heaps to Marlene Jordan, Sandra Burrows and Wendy Green for doing the coaching, Annie Judge helping each morning and Jan Hopkins helping each evening.

The Ryman Classic was a great success thanks to Jim’s behind-the-scenes organisation leading into this. We had 2 full greens with a great number of teams from outside. Volunteers make these events the success they are. So thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, Maureen Blackburn (who was there most of the week preparing), Judy Houghton and Margaret Beck who were there from 7:30 am to 5pm each day. John McLeod and Brian Rohloff for having the bar open all day, Alex for managing all this and keeping the bar open later both evenings. Thanks to Caryl Jones for managing the score sheets, Peter Sarelius for managing the days and Di for helping over the weekend. Dave Jones, Steve and all those other people for helping prepare and setting up the greens each day, I can’t name you all, but really appreciate all that you do and going the extra mile for our club.

 Congratulations to the winners of the Championship Pairs over last weekend. In the ladies, Liz Witton and Verona Billing may be first the sister combo winners! Runners up were Urshla Croft and Donna Lee. The mens were won by Dave Jones and birthday boy, Jack Giddy with runners up in a close game, Steve Lee and Brett Lyttle. The mixed pairs have still not been completed and all the best to those still competing.

 Our Community event, Twilight bowls didn’t quite get away to the start we wanted, thanks to a great thunderstorm! I would like to thank those who came along to Jim and I set up. We sent Tony Purvis, John Meleisia and Spud outside to start the BBQ and set things up. John, together with Janice Collier, Edith Hewett and Muriel Lyttle, started cooking sausages, preparing onions and buttering bread. Alex and ‘Father’ Ted set up the outside Bar all ready to go. Brian Rohloff, Grahame Velvin, Peter and Annie Judge, Di all waiting to help with the bowls. Caryl and Dave Jones had to hustle to send out emails, text messages and phone calls to cancel! This resumes on Tuesday – hopefully the weather plays ball. If any more people can help with this evening, we have 120 people playing each night. If you can help in any of these areas, please let Jim, Di or myself know – it will be greatly appreciated.

 The interior of the club is looking much better with the new bi-fold doors between the lounges. The Wednesday Workers did a great job installing these. Well done guys and thanks for overseeing us and doing a lot of work Spud. The greenery inside has also made a big difference. Thanks to Kirsty Byloo for organising and setting these up.

 Sorry to hear Alex and Di have resigned. Alex, your health must come first and we fully understand. I/we, wish you both all the best for the future and thank you for what you have done for the club while in charge of your respective roles. 

We had a good turnout for the Melbourne Cup. Ten visitors from Auckland turned up and Allan Hodges’ family came along with food from Allen’s service, which was very much appreciated. Thanks to our members who supported the club in this event and also to Peter Sarelius for running the sweeps and John McCloud for helping Peter and also in the bar.

Thirsty Thursday is going okay thanks to those who are supporting it. We are enjoying the meat and money raffles run By Stu Croft, and alternating Pizza and Fish and Chips dinners. It would be really good to see more members here, as this is what you asked for.

 I will be holding a morning tea for new members in the next wee while and will confirm a date soon. It would be great to see you come to this.

 Remember – a club is only as good as its members and the support they give to the people who are willing to help.

 Keep bowling, keep smiling, be happy and safe.

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