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Club Champions

1st Year Men’s Singles at Bowls Taupo

A very close, competitive & very high standard of bowls were enjoyed by the members at the recently completed 1st Year Men’s Singles at Bowls Taupo.

Winner – Dave (Sandi) Sandilands

Finalists – (left) Dave (Sandi) Sandilands & Austin Harris

Junior Singles

Finalists in the Women’s Championship Junior Singles – (from left) Simone Stewart & Priscilla Owens

Winner of the Women’s Championship Junior Singles – Simone Stewart

Finalists in the Men’s Championship Junior Singles – (from left) Michael Lyttle & Austin Harris

Winner of the Men’s Championship Junior Singles – Michael Lyttle

Championship Triples 2024

 Winners of the Women’s section were (from left) Jan Hopkins (skip), Simone Stewart & Annie Judge

Winners of the Men’s section were (from left) Dave Jones (Skip), Jack Giddy & Ross Herriot

Section Play during the Junior Pairs

Umpires Marlene Jordan & Bill Thomson adjudicating

Finalists of the Women’s Junior Pairs

Winners of the Women’s Junior Pairs (from left- Priscilla Owens (skip) & Lyn Peters)

Winners of the Men’s Junior Pairs (from left- Mike Owens & Michael Lyttle (skip))

2023-24 Club Mixed 2x4x2 Pairs Championships

Finalists of the “2023-24 Club Mixed 2x4x2 Pairs Championships”

(from left) Michael Lyttle, Annie Judge, Heather McCallum, Joe Rowen

Winners of the “2023-24 Club Mixed 2x4x2 Pairs Championships”

(from left) Michael Lyttle & Heather McCallum

Women’s Championship Singles, Men’s Fours & Women’s Fours Champions 2022 – 2023

Bowls Taupo Women’s Championship Singles between Simone Stewart (left) & Annie Judge. A very close & exciting final, won by Simone Stewart.

Bowls Taupo Men’s Fours Champions. From left – Rusty Petterson, Joe Rowen (skip), Ron Bailey & Brett Lyttle, unbeaten over the two day championship.

Bowls Taupo Women’s Fours Champions. The only unbeaten team. From left –  Jan Hopkins, Dot Pope (skip), Annie Judge & Simone Stewart.

Junior Pairs Championship 2022 – 2023

Winners of the Women’s Junior Pairs Championship played over last weekend were Emma Cairns & Simone Stewart (skip) both in white.

The Men’s Junior Pairs Championship was also played & was won by Mike Owens & Steve Lee (skip).

Junior Singles Championship 2022 – 2023

Men’s Junior Singles Championship finalists John Meleisia (left) and Steve Lee (Winner).

Women’s Junior Singles championship finalists Priscilla McLean (Winner) (left) and Simone Stewart.

New Year 2x4x2 Tournament 2022 – 2023

Winners, Liz Witton & Annie Judge (Taupo) with Sponsor Mike Wooldridge.

Second, Tony East & Patsy Fraser (Kia Toa, Hastings).

Third, Rusty Petterson & Joe Rowen (Taupo).

Men’s Vet Singles & Men’s Club Open Championship Singles Final 2022 – 2023

Joe Rowen (Men’s Vet Singles Champion (left) & David Beck (Men’s Vet Singles Runner-up).

Grahame Velvin (left) and Ron Bailey, study the position during the Men’s Club Open Championship Singles final.

Ron Bailey (left) and Grahame Velvin congratulate each other after Ron win’s the closely contested Men’s Club Open Championship Singles final 21-16.

Laura Arnold Audiology Classic Tournament 2022 – 2023

A full field of club bowlers enjoyed an exciting day of bowls at the Bowls Taupo greens last Saturday in the Laura Arnold Audiology Classic tournament.  Games were played in Fours, Pairs & 2x4x2 formats. The winners were Rick Whittaker(s), Annie Judge, Edith Hewett, Patrice Senior.

Liz Witton in the Laura Arnold Audiology “Club Classic” tournament (pictured left).

Simone Stewart on the Laura Arnold Audiology “Club Classic” tournament (pictured right).

Bowls Taupo Championship ‘Mixed Pairs’ 2022 – 2023


JOE ROWEN & ANNIE JUDGE (on the right) who won the final against RICK WHITTAKER & JANET SIMMONS (on the left).

Bowls Taupo Men’s Club Triples 2022 – 2023

Defending champions Steve Lee (sk) (far right), Jim Fitzsimons (2nd from right), Rick Whittaker (3rd from right) are the Bowls Taupo Men’s club Triples champions for 2022/2023 after taking out the final on the weekend.   Seen here with the other finalists Joe Rowen (skip) (far left), Ron Bailey (2nd from left), Rusty Petterson (3rd from left).

Men’s Vet Pairs 2022 – 2023

Finalists in this season’s Men’s Vet Pairs were (from left) Ron Bailey, Joe Rowen, Jim Fitzsimons, Rusty Petterson. The winners were Joe Rowen (skip) & Rusty Petterson.